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If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed as we enter our third month of dealing with the Coronavirus in North America, you are in good company. Almost half the people who responded to a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation indicated that the pandemic was harming their mental health.

Many of you have reached out to me during the last few months for encouragement and inspiration and I am grateful you did. That is the power of My ParaVita: we are a group of like-minded women who are in this together, supporting each other and sharing (virtually) meditation strategies and techniques that help us cope.

You might be surprised, though, to learn that battle-hardened members of the U.S. Marine Corps have also discovered the restorative powers of meditation. A group of Marines who participated in eight weeks of meditating for just 15 minutes a day reported they were able to deal with anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia much more effectively. They felt meditation helped improve their overall mental and physical fitness.

Meditation can help all of us slow our minds down and quiet all the uncertainty that surrounds us. It invites us to focus on the things that bring us fulfillment and contentment. 

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