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The old adage says opposites attract. That may be true, but research also shows that when we seek new relationships, we are often attracted to the same kind of opposites. In other words, if you are an introvert who is attracted to an extrovert, if that relationship ends you may find yourself seeking another extrovert. 

In a study at the University of Toronto, researchers discovered people tended to choose new partners who were significantly similar to those from their previous relationships. The problem arises when we are unable to adjust our expectations of these new companions. If a previous relationship ended because you did not like the fact that your partner traveled extensively for their job in sales, how are you going to handle it if you meet someone who is…you guessed it, in sales?

You may not be able to change them, but you can change how you handle the challenges. Meditation can help you do that. It will allow you to focus on the good things, the powerful things in the relationship that make you happy so that you can come to peace with those aspects you cannot change.

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