So the holidays are over and most of us are engaged in the annual ritual of trying to atone for our seasonal indulgences—and I’m not just talking about that credit card bill.

If you are like me, you probably had one too many bon-bons, a few extra helpings of mashed potatoes and a tad too much egg nog.

Post-holiday diets, whether we want to address our eating or spending habits, always start with the best of intentions but can quickly fall apart. We usually blame our lack of will power, but research has shown that is often just a cop-out. That’s because people who view their will power as an unlimited resource that never runs out demonstrate more self-control and the ability to achieve their goals.

Attitude is everything. That is why meditation is such a powerful tool. It enables us to push away distractions and excuses so we can focus on what we really want to achieve and create the attitude for success that will get us there.

Make 2020 the year when you make mediation a part of your daily routine and discover for yourself how it can bring more peace, power and play to your life in 2020.

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