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My friend Kate is a control freak. But don’t take my word for it. Ask her. She admits it. But she also admits that it can make dealing with life’s inevitable uncertainties much more difficult.

“I wish I was one of those people who are content to just go with the flow,” she told me. “Instead, I want to know when the flow is starting, where it will end and what I need to pack to make sure I’m prepared.”

All joking aside, even those of us who may be more laid back have to admit sometimes not knowing what comes next can be hard. Whether it is wondering what will happen next when caring for an aging parent or trying to gauge what your company’s new ownership will mean for our job, living with uncertainty can be tough.

And for those with a low tolerance for uncertainty (a.k.a. Kate), it can be stress-inducing and can even make us physically ill.

So what can you do to better cope with life’s unknowns? Meditate, of course! That’s what My ParaVita is all about: helping you achieve better mental and physical health by employing meditation’s incredible restorative powers.

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