In my last post, I touched on the subject of auras. Those who have attended my retreats know that I often have the participants measure each other’s “auras” with divining rods which help them tune into the other person’s unique energy vibrations. I love seeing their faces when they discover someone else’s aura for the first time.
We then take it a step further to see how the aura expands or contracts. I ask the person that is being measured to think of a happy memory. Inevitably the rods move outward as the person’s aura expands. If they conjure a sad moment, their aura contracts. Then, I ask the person to hold a cell phone to their heart. It is amazing to see how much their aura contracts to almost nothing.
This powerful demonstration of the effect that cell phones can have on our energy is a lesson we should all apply to our daily lives. It’s why when I am giving a presentation, I make sure to put my cell phone in my purse or out of the way to remove anything that would interrupt the connection I am building between me and the audience.

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