While your busy searching for that perfect little something for the Valentines in your life, why not find a way to give yourself a little treat as well?
Experts at the productivity firm Julie Morgenstern Enterprises say a good way to find happiness and balance in our lives is to build a little PEP into our weekends by adding:
Physical Activity: Take a hike, ride a bike, dance, do yoga. Or simply go for a long walk. When we support our physical health, we also support our mental health.
Escape: You don’t have to go far, just do something different. Try out a new recipe. Get out those paints and create your own masterpiece. Start making plans to redecorate a room in your home that needs a refresh. In short: focus your energies on what you want to do; not what you have to do.
People: Make plans for a virtual happy hour. Call an old friend. Organize your photos and remind yourself of the people who have brought joy to your life. Connect.
So this Valentine’s Day, love yourself enough to make time to find more peace, power and play in your life.

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