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In my blog post, I spoke about the challenges of living with life’s uncertainties. Without a crystal ball, we must accept the fact that we can’t know everything life has in store for us. 

But we can change the way we live with life’s unknowns so that we can become more resilient and live with less fear of what might (or might not) happen. Not surprising to me, many of the tips mental health professionals recommend encompass elements of, or are rooted in, meditation:

  • Take long, deep breaths. This slows your heart rate and clears the mind. 
  • Practice mindfulness. Focus on the present and what you know, and less on the future and what you don’t.
  • Engage with others, don’t simply withdraw and let your mind run wild. Seek distractions. 
  • If you anticipate bad news, don’t simply wait for it to happen. Begin developing your “next steps.” Start networking right away if you sense layoffs are on the horizon. Begin researching senior living facilities if you fear your parents can no longer live on their own. You can’t control what happens, but you can control how you respond to it.

My ParaVita is committed to helping you discover the power of meditation to transform how we deal with all of life’s challenges and uncertainties. With the support of other women just like you, we want to help you find more opportunities for peace, power and play in your life.

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