As we reach the one-year mark since the onset of the Covid pandemic, it has caused me to reflect on how life has changed during the last 12 months.
I’ll be the first to admit that when we went into lockdown, I was a mess. I went right into full fear mode: imagining the virus on every doorknob; unfocused; turning to comfort foods and yearning for in-person visits with my children. There were moments when I thought to myself: How am I going to get through this?
But I did—we did! Looking back, I marvel at how resilient we all are. Zoom yoga, digital workouts, and virtual happy hours sprung up in no time. We found ways to cope, to support each other and ourselves. We learned the true meaning of community.
I believe my silent meditation practice allowed me to step back and look at the situation with more perspective. It enables me to “watch” my thoughts rather than react immediately and has been crucial to my ability to cope with the challenges of the last year. Many of you have told me the same thing: that your resilience has been supported by your meditation practice.

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