The first step is often the hardest.

We know that, right? When it comes to doing something new or different, we can often find lots of reasons not to: It’s too hard. I won’t be able to keep it up. I’ll start in the new year.

I’m guilty of using all of the above excuses. Yet I also know that when I push myself to take that first step, what comes next is actually pretty easy! In my last email, I told you that I set a goal for myself to do random acts of kindness this month. What I’ve discovered along this journey is that what I do is less important than the motive behind it. That’s why I’ve really focused on:

  • Sharing respect: Take a second to thank your dry cleaner, to comment on their business anniversary or to simply ask how he or she is doing. Let them know you value them as people and for the service they provide.
  • Supporting dignity: Women’s shelters are always in need of feminine hygiene products but in addition to donating “needs,” I like to add some “wants” as well, like a bottle or two of nail polish, scented moisturizers or bath gels. Think about the things that make you feel a little pampered and consider offering that same kind of care to women who need to feel valued and cared for—even if by strangers.
  • Building Self-Esteem: When you see an elderly woman out to lunch, compliment her on her clothing, her hair, her nails. Make her feel beautiful and noticed. That could very well be you some day.

When it comes to sharing our gratitude for all we have been given, don’t only focus on sharing “stuff.” Focus as well on taking time to restore another person’s dignity and worth.

I am grateful for you and all you add to the universe.

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