Many people choose to keep a gratitude journal, which is a wonderful way to record the many things for which you are grateful. But if you are not the journaling type, there are other simple ways to express gratitude:

– Take a second to slow down and offer a genuine thank you to those people who make every day better, whether it’s the barista at Starbucks or your child’s favorite teacher.
– Make your mother proud and write a thank you card. I used to tell my daughters a simple thank you note can be nothing more than three sentences. “Thank you for (gift/effort). It made me feel (emotion). Your (work, gift) is greatly appreciated.” This is the stripped-down version, of course, so feel free to elaborate! The point is, it can take five minutes or less to express your thanks and bring joy to someone who has touched you in some way.
– Listen to my Gratitude Meditation.

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