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In my blog post, I talked about cognitive labor, all that “behind the scenes” thinking, we do to be sure we accomplish everything on our to-do lists.
To help lessen the exhaustion that cognitive labor creates, psychologist Jelena Kecmanovic, Ph.D., recommends several strategies. These include:
  • Keep a log of your cognitive labor during an average week. That means tracking your menu planning, appointment scheduling, etc.
  • Acknowledge how much you are doing without even being aware of it.
  • Share the log with your family partner and discuss ways to divide this cognitive labor more equitably when if possible.
  • Consider how technology (apps, Alexa, etc…) or “life hacks” might help ease your cognitive labor. The internet is full of suggestions, but chances are you’ll gain just as much asking your peers for some of their favorites.
  • Set aside dedicated time for specific tasks (work, paying bills, exercise, etc.). You might need to jot down a note on another cognitive labor item, but then let it go, knowing you’ll tackle it afterward.

That last bullet point is where meditation can help. I can show you how mindfulness exercises and specific meditation practices can help you achieve more, with greater clarity and focus. And in doing so, you will find that your cognitive labor seems less daunting.

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