If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to carve out 30 minutes or more to get outside and take a walk. The colors are starting to fade, but there is still an aroma of earthiness in the air, thanks in part to the falling leaves and falling temperatures.

Research has shown that woody scents engender feelings of calmness, balance and relaxation. And lucky for us, there are several products on the market that recreate these musky aromas so we can enjoy them year-round. Consider these: ·

  • Tory Burch – Cosmic Wood: This eau de parfume has hints of cardamon and sage and is packaged in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper and compostable cellophane.
  • Riddle Santal: A roll-on perfume with the aromas of sandalwood and amber.
  • Blushing Sands Candle: This Estee Lauder candle features Haitian vetiver, pink pepper and musk accord.

When paired with the mindfulness that comes from a regular meditation practice, these products can help you maximize the power of aromas to center you and bring you serenity.

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