OK, I admit it. I actually like holiday music. 

I know, I know. It gets a little tiring after the fourth straight week of hearing “Sleigh Ride” on heavy rotation, but if I’m honest with myself, the reason I like the music is because it brings me back to my childhood in Minnesota, to white Christmases and “Jack Frost nipping at my nose.”

Music has the power to connect us to people, places and memories that lie deep within us. Some scientists believe that is because it activates areas of our brains that make us feel like we belong to something larger. And it doesn’t have to be Christmas music. It might be Fleetwood Mac or an old spiritual hymn. 

Admittedly, some songs can bring a tear to our eyes because they remind us of people or places that have left us, but grief and joy are powerful emotions that are unique to the human experience. At My ParaVita, our goal is to help you learn how to appreciate all of life’s experiences with more peace and perspective. 

So don’t let that inner Grinch make you believe you should curse the Muzak version of “Santa Baby.” Go ahead; hum, sing and sway just like Eartha Kitt. It’s good for your spirit and soul.

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