In my last email, I shared with you the importance of getting a healthy dose of natural light every day if possible, since it is key to our physical and mental well-being. 

Even though the days are getting shorter, there is no excuse for not “upping your exposure” to natural light.

You can:  

  • Move your desk or reading chair close to a window, if possible. If you can’t relocate your desk at work, invest in a bright desk light or “light box.” Many of these lights offer 10,000 lux (“lux” is a measure of light intensity), which is about 100 times brighter than typical indoor lights. As a point of reference, a bright sunny day is 50,000 lux or more.
  • Mix up your exercise routine. Instead of staying inside on the treadmill, walk or go running outside in natural daylight. 
  • Make sure all your blinds and drapes are open to allow as much natural light into your environment as possible.
  • If your car has a sunroof, keep the blind is open so you can soak up natural light while you are on the road.
  • Make plans to join us in Mexico in February for our Soul Vibe retreat. (hint, hint…)

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