Embrace Each Season

Wrap Yourself in Winter Joy

Discover how to embrace the serenity of the season with easy mindfulness and meditation exercises. each day with brief meditations.

Do you shudder-literally and figuratively-at the thought of winter? As adults, we often focus on the things we don’t like about the season: the cold, the hazardous driving, the shoveling.

But what if we looked at winter through a different lens, like how we relished the thought of snow days when we were kids? What if we took the time to slow down and savor the season’s simple pleasures, like roaring fires, the rich aromas of evergreens and mugs of hot cocoa?

“Kristi’s beautiful new book shows us the value of the winter season. Her wise words help us discover the joy that can be found by living in tune with nature’s rhythms.”

Nancy E. Anderson

Career Consultant, Speaker & Author of the best seller, ‘Work with Passion, How to do What you Love for a Living’

This book provides short, simple ways to spend a few minutes reflecting on the joys that winter can bring-if we just take a few minutes to step away from the craziness of our daily lives to wrap ourselves up in it.

“I love these short, simple, easy and effective gems for transforming your experience of winter!”

Dr. Anita Shack

Chiropractor, Integrative Healer, Teacher and Retreat Leader

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