Embrace Each Day with Peace and Calm

Discover the transformational power of starting each day with brief meditations.

If the demands of your day are taking over your life and leaving you exhausted, drained and unfulfilled, this book is for you!

In today’s society, we are programmed to live life at full speed. From the moment we wake up until the minute our heads hit the pillow at night, many of us are led to believe that we are not useful unless we are in constant motion.

Learn how to slow down, reconnect with your needs and begin to create the life you want. This small guide includes practical tips and simple techniques that will help bring more peace and calm to your life.

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“Why does taking time for ‘you’ always come last? Use this short book of meditations as your guide to effortlessly take the time you need to replace mental and emotional clutter with intention and love.”

Sharon Rowe, Founder and CEO of ECOBAGS,

author of The Magic of Tiny Business (you don’t have to go big to make a great living….or impact) and dubbed an eco-hero by Glamour magazine

The book includes simple technigues and repeatable exercises to help you achieve calm amid the craziness.

Find out what Janet has to say about one of the exercises in the book, “Enjoy Silence with a Three Minute Meditation.”

You can also try this exercise from the book:

Embrace Each Day: Let It Go

“Letting go is even more important than adding.”
Marie Kondo

Mental organizing and decluttering can be very energizing. When you allow yourself to let go of unrealistic or stressful obligations, you’re apt to discover that those “to dos” that you actually do undertake will be more enjoyable or successful, because you will be able to focus more time on them. Make a habit of doing this every day this month.

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