That Magic of Your Dreams ……………So What’s in the Way?


Tuesday June 15, 2021, 7 to 8.15 PM EDT

Since Rhonda Bryne’s famous 2006 film ‘Secret’, practice of the Law of Attraction rapidly gained pace. Yet many of us feel for every two steps we take going forward, we are pushed back a few. So, what gives? What gets in the way? Which part of the principles are we missing?

Here is an opportunity to explore the deeper spiritual truths that steer the laws of manifestation. Examine your process through perspectives gathered from multiple facets of enquiry. Where lies that central thrust around which desires gather momentum? What vibes do our dreams carry? How much do we believe in them? How do we persuade the subconscious ‘nay-speak’ to agree?  Great questions to ponder. Many tools to learn.

Malabika and Kristi are simply excited with the results as they play with these tools. Come, join them for some fun as they share what they are learning, and take home a few precious nuggets.



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