For most of us, the last few months have provided the opportunity to get outside of dark office buildings to work from our homes. I sure hope most of you have used this mandated change of scenery to find a sunny spot within your home to work, to learn, to play and of course, to meditate!
Especially now that the days are longer, make sure you throw open those window shades and blinds and let the sun shine in. And while you’re at it, open the windows and let a little fresh air in, too!
Then sit quietly for a few moments, breathe deeply and allow yourself to focus on the power of nature to transform the way we feel. Allow yourself to focus on the warmth of the sun and watch its rays as they dance through the window. In short: meditate!
If you are new to meditation or an experienced pro who wants to take your practice to a new level, My ParaVita can help. With the support of other amazing women like yourself, we will help you find new opportunities for peace, power and play in your life—especially during this unprecedented time in our history.

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