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Have you ever noticed that sometimes it is the simplest stuff that trips us up?

When I work with My ParaVita clients to help them find more peace, power and play in their lives, one of the first things I do is help them develop simple tools for dealing with daily stress and anxiety. They are often surprised when I suggest they find one word or phrase that they can easily remember and repeat when they need to relax. In other words, they need to find their mantra.

According to the Chopra Center, mantra is derived from man, which means “mind,” and tra, which means “transport” or “vehicle.” So a mantra is a way for the mind to find its way to a place of peaceful respite.

Some people only associate mantras with meditation, and they are indeed an important part of the practice. But anyone can repeat a mantra at times of high stress to lower their blood pressure, their heart rate and stress levels. Whether stuck in traffic, dealing with a high-pressure deadline at work, or a truculent toddler, mantras can help you cope with even the most challenging situations. The easiest meditation to learn also happens to be the most important. “Om” is a powerful mantra that sends vibrations that bring complete and ultimate spiritual benefits and creative power. It’s often said before and after yoga sessions, but many recommend that you recite it regularly throughout each day to receive its full potential.

I’d love to share with you more ideas on how to cultivate peace, power and play in your life. Contact me today to learn how My ParaVita can help you. Make sure that 2019 is your best year yet!

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