If the end of winter (and maybe the pandemic?!) has you thinking about getting a fresh start, then spring cleaning could have more meaning than ever!
Whether it’s clearing away years of fears and uncertainties, or simply getting rid of all that kids’ sports equipment that is no longer used, spring cleaning and decluttering has implications for our mental and physical health.
Recent studies have revealed that clutter can raise our cortisol levels. Left untreated, elevated cortisol can have cardiovascular implications, as well as increase the risk of osteoporosis and diabetes.
So why not make a pact to spend just an hour or two a week to address one source of clutter in your life. Not only will you lose some stress, but you might also lose some unwanted odors from those old soccer cleats and smelly gym bags!
In my next post, I’ll share with you a fun, simple solution I’ve discovered on how to declutter.

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