Those of you who have attended my annual summer retreats at our property in Indian Point, Maine know that we spend some time tree-sitting. That’s right— we tree sit.

But unlike babysitting or pet sitting, where you are responsible for taking care of others, when we tree sit, we are taking care of ourselves.

Near the shores of Rangeley Lake, we sit at the foot of trees and take full, deep breaths. We slow our minds and enliven our senses so we can reconnect with nature and its restorative properties.

Journalist Richard Louv, author of the book “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder,” speaks about how our digital lifestyles have left us disconnected from nature. We have lost the ability to sit silently and be inspired by the healing powers of trees, lakes, wildlife and flora. 

Spring is a perfect time to reconnect with Mother Nature. Take a few minutes to simply admire the newest blooms, the greening of our trees and grass, the birds’ daily chorus at dawn. Allow yourself time to soak up the new life of each day.

I invite you to discover the joys of tree-sitting and much more at our July 12-15 retreat with Dr. Anita Shack, integrative healer and chiropractor. Anita will show us how Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Aligning with Nature to Expand Space, Time & Energy can help us re-calibrate and recharge our health.

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