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If you recall in my last note to you, I mentioned the power of meditation and human touch to raise your endorphins, those “feel good” chemicals in our bodies.

But you can also look for laughter. It can be a small chuckle or a full-out roar, but laughter is one of the best ways to ease anxiety and stress and lift our spirits. Did you know that there is even a type of cognitive behavioral therapy called laughter therapy designed to reduce stress and depression?

If you want to get an extra boost from laughter, laugh with those you love (or like!) A small 2017 study revealed that simply watching a half-hour of comedy with a group of friends boosted endorphin levels (do you suppose that’s why they called the show “Friends”?)

One of the things that my family started doing to overcome our pandemic boredom was instituting  Sunday Night Game Nights. We have been playing silly games, laughing with, and at, each other. I love it and hope to continue this new tradition for many years to come.


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