This month, I begin my fifth year of holding retreats at our wonderful lakeside property at Indian Point, Maine. I am always thrilled to be able to host my clients at this beautiful location because spending time beside the water, walking in the woods and staring at starlit skies complements all the benefits of meditation I espouse.
This year, amid our Coronavirus environment, I will only be hosting on-site retreats in July and September. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that our attendees will be safe. This includes extensive cleaning and disinfecting of our property, more outdoor group activities, and a very small group size.
Knowing this, I do hope you will treat yourself to the natural beauty of the Rangeley Lakes region of Maine. Numerous studies have demonstrated the power of nature to help us decrease anxiety and depression and lower our blood pressure. Forest bathing, or spending time soaking up nature, reduces stress which in turn improves our body’s immune response. We all know how critical that is right now.
But if you are unable to join us, please indulge in your own self-care by taking a walk in a park, visiting an arboretum or simply treating yourself to a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers. Use these things to activate your senses and let the aromas, colors and textures bring you into a state of quiet meditation.

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