In my last post, I talked about the power of aromatherapy to help transform our moods. As I mentioned, if you are feeling a bit blue or anxious, perfumers recommend airy and watery scents. But what if you feel out of sorts, a bit unbalanced?

Scent experts recommend rich, earthy and woody aromas. Perfumes that contain musks can make you feel calmer and relaxed. It also makes sense that fragrances with notes of roots, seeds and woods can make us feel connected and grounded.

In our daily search for wellness and happiness, it is important to employ all of our senses. Take in the vivid colors of spring blooms. Listen to the song birds as they resume their pre-dawn choruses. Savor the sweet scents of Earth’s reawakening.

Mindfulness is about tapping into all of our senses so we can feel fully energized and thrive.

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