I may be one of the few moms who actually looks forward to getting perfume for Mother’s Day. Granted, the scents I enjoy most usually don’t come from the drug store. But over the years, I’ve found fragrances that can impact my mood enough to help me go from so-so to smiles, from stressed to serene.

For those days when your spirits just need a bit of a lift, perfumer Alexandra Monet recommends airy, watery floral scents to help you feel happier and reduce anxiety. Monet says research has shown that fragrances associated with quiet, calm environments can lift our spirits and help us feel less stressed.

It makes sense to me. When I think about how I feel when I walk through a beautiful garden where the aroma of flowers and greenery wafts through the air, life just seems better. It’s hard to feel stressed when your senses are surrounded by nature’s beautiful sights, sounds and scents.

Aromatherapy is real and powerful. Combined with the power of mindfulness techniques, it is another way to bring more joy and calm to your daily life.

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