I was so happy to be at my place in Rangely, Maine last month to host a retreat, reconnecting with old friends and walking my labyrinth. It is such a treat to have one in my very own backyard. I am so thankful!

As many of you know, I love meditation and usually meditate while sitting in lotus. So walking a labyrinth is a wonderful change of pace. This ancient practice is a form of active meditation and can be used for contemplation, prayer and simple grounding. I use it for all of those purposes, and sometimes for clarity on an issue that is on my mind.

Here is my technique if looking for clarity:

  • At the entrance of the labyrinth, I take a few deep breaths and connect with the earth.
  • I pose my question and begin slowly walking.
  • As I walk, I clear my mind by silently repeating a mantra such as Aum, peace or love.
  • When I reach the center, I look out and turn in all directions.
  • As I make my way out, I again clear my mind with a mantra.
  • I pause at the exit and give thanks. The clarity you seek may occur when you finish the labyrinth or it may come to you later. Remain patient and open to inspiration. I encourage you to find a labyrinth near you this month and give this a try. Then be sure to let me know what you experienced.

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