Ever wonder why those photos you took of the breath-taking vistas from your last vacation just don’t do justice to what you saw in person?

It’s because the brain is no fool. Although an image fulfills our ability to visually recreate something we saw, it cannot round out the entire sensory experience: the breeze in the air, the smell of pine trees, the sound of waves crashing, etc.

In fact, a study at the University of Washington revealed that when participants were shown a genuine natural setting, a digital image of the same scene, and no image, the people who saw the digital image responded the same to increased stress as those who saw no image at all. But those who looked at a real nature scene returned to their normal heart rate more quickly after facing increased stress.

But you don’t have to go to the beach or the mountains to feel better. Simply take some time to smell the roses. Or to listen to the birds. Or to savor a warm summer breeze. The key is to simply take a few minutes to allow yourself to soak up the sensory experiences around you. You’d be surprised how this can help you lower your stress levels and increase your happiness quotient. Give it a try today. Then contact me for even more ways to cultivate peace, power and play in your life.


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