In my last post, I explained how elevated cortisol levels can impact our heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar. But high cortisol can also impact the brain by affecting critical thinking, risk assessment, and self-control.
That’s why more and more health experts are suggesting that we engage in regular “digital diets.” These might entail “fasts,” where you simply do not use your phone for a designated period of time (maybe for as much as 24 hours?) or “cleanses” where you remove apps that leave you feeling stressed or anxious (news feeds, anyone?!)
Like any dieter who craves a cupcake, when the urge hits to check your phone, seek distractions that are better for you. Take a quick walk. Organize your desk. Meditate. In other words: prove to yourself that you control your phone and not the other way around.
Here’s to managing the madness.

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