Last year, I hosted a special event called Spring Forward with Feng Shui. In the first session, we discussed the importance of clearing out the old, unused articles in our closets. Each of us partnered with someone who was to be our sounding board, providing an outsider’s perspective on what to keep and what to let go.
Since we were social distancing in Toronto, my decluttering partner and I decided to have a happy hour “declutter.” It was awesome!
Not only did we laugh till our sides hurt, but the exercise:
  • Forced me to review my closet before we met and put aside everything I hadn’t worn in three years.
  • Gave me some new “ideas” about how to wear a few garments that I hadn’t touched in years. Yes, I did wear them last summer!
  • Nudged me to let go and give things away to those who can use them more than I do.
Do you need to let go of unwanted things—both physical and mental? If so, meditation is a fantastic way to focus our thoughts and our energies so that we can make the most of what really matters to us.

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