As I mentioned in my last blog, researchers have demonstrated that spending time amid the colors, scents, sounds and elements of nature can improve our physical well-being.
Our July and September retreats at Indian Point in Maine are a perfect way to “connect with nature” amid the water and forests of the Rangeley Lakes region. I hope you can join us there, but if circumstances will not allow it, try some of theses ideas to bring nature to you:  
Carry the scent with you:
  • Forest Lungs, a fragrance with hints of cedar, pine and vetiver that replicates the molecular compounds in tree phytoncides, which can help reduce stress. 
  • Nordic Cedar evokes the forests of Sweden thanks to its aromas of amber, cedar and cardamom.
Bathing at home (and not in the forest):
Around the house:
Even if you can’t make it to a forest, please pamper yourself with elements of nature and be sure to take a few minutes every day to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine these warm days of summer offer.

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