In my last blog, I discussed the potential negative impacts of spending too much time on social media. But getting our heads off our screens can actually be good for us in another way. Consider this:
On a recent visit to New York City, I was riding in an Uber. Under “normal” conditions, I would usually spend this time checking my social media feeds, reading emails, catching up on news, etc. But because I needed to wear a mask, I decided I would just use that time to look out the window and watch the world go by—just like in the old days!
While stopped at a traffic light, I happened to notice a woman whose grocery bag had broken, leaving her produce strewn across the sidewalk. I quickly rolled down my window and handed her a cloth bag that I keep in my purse. She was most grateful.
And I felt sooo good that I was able to perform a random act of kindness simply by keeping my eyes off my screen and looking at the real world outside.
It’s never too late to put down your phone and tune out social media madness. And one of the best ways to tune into your own peace and contentment is through a regular meditation practice.

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