February is the month dedicated to love. According to the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, we spent an estimated $19.6 billion on Valentine’s related gifts and events in 2018.

That’s a lot of chocolate!

But although its focus is traditionally on showing love for others, February is a great time to pause and think about how we love ourselves.

I don’t mean love ourselves in a boastful, prideful way, but rather love ourselves by celebrating what we do well and forgiving ourselves for those times when we try but fall short.

• Instead of simply focusing on what you didn’t cross off your to-do list, focus on what you did get done! Just as you would support and encourage a frustrated coworker, do the same for yourself. Compassion for others—and yourself—gets better with practice. • Create a self-esteem mantra. It might be, “I am worthy,” or “I can do this.” Repeat it over and over again, especially during times of high stress. It will help you regain focus and push on. One of the biggest threats to our emotional well-being is inertia. Think of your mantra as the fuel that keeps you moving forward. • Meditate. My ParaVita can show you how only a few minutes of meditation a day can significantly improve the way you view yourself, your environment and those around you so that you can cultivate peace, power and play in your life.

Want to know more? Contact me. And don’t forget to spread the love this Valentine’s Day—especially to yourself!

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