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We’ve been talking a lot this month about our New Year’s resolutions and goals for the year ahead. But all too often, our best intentions end up getting lost in a pile of “to-do” lists, meetings, family obligations, etc. So how can you improve the odds of making those goals a reality? 

Start by creating opportunities for “aha” moments. 

When you are engaged in some kind of mundane task like loading the dishwasher or walking, challenge yourself to put aside thoughts of what must be done and think about what could be done. That means instead of thinking about that training you have to lead, think about how you could make that training different. Don’t be afraid to think “What if I did this?” Or “What would happen if we did x instead of y?” 

By allowing your mind to wander and think far outside what’s “normal,” you invite creativity and inspiration—the seeds of the best “aha” moments! My ParaVita is dedicated to helping busy women like you find ways to discover their utmost potential by using the power of meditation to create more opportunities for peace, power and play in their lives.

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