“When your heart and your mind are engaged, you cannot go wrong.”
Yo-Yo Ma

Last fall, I had the honor of hearing Yo-Yo Ma, the acclaimed cellist, perform in Toronto.

I knew his story as a child prodigy and was thrilled to be able to see such an accomplished musician in person. His performance did not disappoint! But what struck me as much as his musical gift was the generous spirit he displayed from the moment he stepped onto the stage in his interactions with the symphony and other guest performers.

Although I have written a lot about gratitude over the years, this made me think about cultivating a generous spirit, which I think is different. A generous spirit is something we can create for ourselves.

One way to do this is to keep a Kindness Journal that records the good deeds—great and small—that you have done without any expectations. It will help you build a sense of generosity that resides within you and brings you more peace and contentment.

There are other ways to build a generous spirit and I will share them with you in my next post.

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